Last Day!! Hurry up!!

Heyaaaa!! Today is the last day to post your First 2018 Contest entrance! But I still don’t have:

  1. Any post for the Writing category.
  2. Any post for the Most Original Trend.
  3. And I only have 3 drawings for the Drawing category.

Please don’t be mad, I am not judging you, you have better things to do than hurring up for a blogger’s contest, but I’m just saying there’ll be only 1 CATEGORY to judge with only 3 CONTESTANTS!!

Also if have posted your entry for the contest and I haven’t seen it please do comment below and tell me.

But for now I have:

Well, have a meowderful day and bye bye!



I almost died. It’s not funny. [REAL]

Heya. I wanned to share this with you. A few hours ago I was about to be killed by a car.

I was crossing the street and I SWEAR, PROMISE AND REPROMISE ya all that I looked. But an old man in a grey car decided that it was a beautiful day to kill girls.

So there he went. I runned onto the next street. Thanks god it wasn’t to late.

When I got to my car I reflexionated for a minute. Then I started crying. I was almost KILLED.

I thought that the man didn’t do on purpouse. But he didn’t care that I was scared when I looked at him, he just shouted to my face. He doesn’t care that I’ve been crying since I got home, or while I’m writing this. I almost died. And it’s true, when you’re about to die nothing else matters. Please appreciate your life. IT’S SERIOUS. It isn’t funny AT ALL. Hope at list that you have a meowderful day.


HURRY UP!! Only 2 days left!!

Heyaaaa!! Yeah, so my contest hasn’t been very productive. None of ya had posted anything…like NOBODY. Or is it just me?? (Please if you have actually posted your entrance pls tell me through the comments) No writing, drawing, or trend post till the moment and I only have 2 days left. Maybe you are busy I dunno, pls don’t judge me, I’m not mad, and I’m not saying you did something wrong. I am just wanting you guys to remember the contest finishes on the 13th of January like um…this exact Saturday. Love ya guys and have like always a meowderful day!


Art trade with Lulu chan!! [reblogged from Ami Cyberspace]

OMIGOSH! Ami posted her part of our art trade it is SUPER DUPER kawaii~ ^_^ Just look!:

Ami Cyberspace


I’ve been feeling kind of sparkly recently!! Sparkly but tired, and a little pinch of emo too! Yup.

Anyway, I and Lulu Chan decided to do an art trade!! You better check her blog out HERE if you are looking for a sweet corner with cute posts!! She drew me the cutest little bunny boy ;; u ;;) Press the heart to see her post!! ->> 

She asked me to draw a neko girl, so this is what came to my mind:

She’s sleeping on a fluffy dream cloud!!! Aaah I wish I was her…. Zzzz…. Zzzz.  zz…. z….. GAAH!!! I’M AWAKE!! O A O)///

It was a while since I played around with my markers so this was really fun!!

Thank you Lulu for suggesting this!!♥♥♥

See y’all around!

Bai baii∼


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Art trade with Ami Cyberspace!

Heyaaa!! My lil cinnamon roll and I, Lulu_chan, decided to do an art trade! Here’s my part of the trade! Hope you like it Ami!

(Also if you don’t know Ami click HERE and go follow here now! She’s super duper cute and a lovely friend, also very talented)

Well, she told me to draw a boy or girl with bunny ears so I draw this boy with ears an super cute hair. Hope she likes it and have a meowderful day!


100!! Thank you ALL!!


We are 100 people in this AMAZING family! I wouldn’t be recognized if it wasn’t for you guys! I love so much!!

Butbutbut BUT! (Hehehe…did you think this ended here??) I’m gonna actually NAME all this fantastic lil cutie patooties that have made me so happy today. Like ALL of you guys, no one left behind! (Also if I appear like a follower is cause WordPress puted me there, key?) Here we go!! And THANKS!!!

Have a AWESOME and meowderful day!


Lulu’s 20 Song Tag [with nominations]

Heya! How are you all doing? And yup, today I bring you the 20 song tag buuut INVENTED! Of course I’ll repeat the classic questions but meh, I’ll invent the next ones! Let’s start!

  1. Fav song?

I don’t have one! I have like 500000000… hahaha, but I’ll say 2 randomly. 21st Century Girl, from BTS and Migraine, from my beloved boys of 21 Pilots (or TØP)

2. Song you hate?

Almost all reggeaton/trap. But right now…Chambea, by Bad Bunny.

3. Song you listen again and again and you never want it to end?

Last Dance, from BIGBANG

4. Song you don’t like but you still sing it cause it’s repetitive?

Ok. So guys this happens to me like AAAALL the time. Example? (And I’m not proud of it)

Last summer I listened for the first time to Mala Mujer by C.Tangana and I was all the time complaining about the horrible lyrics and so. BUUUUT I started singing it and I couldn’t stop it till the end of summer! Ugh!

But now the song that got me is Solo Amigos, from Adexe&Nou. I hate it but…SEE!! I am singinig it now! Whyyy!?

5. Song you heard so many times that now you absolutly hate it?

Shape of You, from Ed Sheeran, New Rules, from Dua Lipa and I don’t hate the next songs I am going to tell you but I am a lil tired of this songs.

Go Go, from BTS and Perfect, from Ed Sheeran (wich I loved but now is just that…I’m tired of it)

6. Song that makes you dance crazy?

Wich of all? Hahaha, I dance very easily…except flamenco. Nop, flamenco dances NEVER EVER.

7. Song for depressive times?

– I am constantly depressed, the thing is that I don’t show it to anyone… but I normaly listen to (hahaha get ready)

  • El Patio, from Pablo Lopez
  • Ikanaide, Aki-chan’s cover (Aki-chan is a YouTuber)
  • Goner, from TØP
  • Stay, from BLACPINK
  • Satisfied, from Hamilton’s soundtrack
  • Last Dance, from BIGBANG
  • Untitled, 2014, by G-DRAGON

And it keeps on and on and on…

8. Song it makes you feel like you can actually sing like a super star?

– This happens to me like with ALL the songs but I would say…

  • Schuyler Sisters, from Hamilton’s soundtrack
  • Lie, from my SUPER BELOVED YOUNG BOY MEMBER OF BTS Jimin Parker!
  • Tear in my Heart, from ma boys TØP
  • I’m still standing, the version of the movie SING.

9. Fav songs of the same album?

Right now? Oh my…Well…House of Cards and I Need U from (once again) BTS.

10. Song you wan’t in your wedding?

*puts headphones*


(Let me be my own DJ on my wedding day, hehehe…)

11. Song you are thinking of right now?

House of Memories, from Panic! At the Disco.

(Baby we built this house, of memories…take my picture now…Ok I stop it)

13. Song that your sister/brother is OBSSESED with (If you don’t have one then your BFF)

Havana, from Camila Cabello.

Hahha, just bumped into my sister’s room and shouted “WHAT’S YOUR FAV SOOOONG!!???”

So yup, Havana. And I’m still thinking Camila is better on her own!

14. Song you are listening to right now?

– No music for me. Just laying on my bed while writing this, relaxing.

15. What kind of melody do you think your blog transmits?

– Semi-emo-rock-corean-happy flower-kitty power-classic melody.

Ya know, just the commmon thing.

16. Do you relate songs to books you read?

– I DO! I remember a 8 year old me reading La princesa del Desierto from the Princesas de la Fantasia collection, and listening to a relaxing exotic melody, that has no name, every day! (sorry, I never found that song again).

That was the first time it happened to me…

17. Song that should be played in your funeral?

– Loads and loads, but when people is crying I would prefer them to hear Don’t you worry about a thing, from the movie SING soundtrack.

18. Song you put to go into the shower?

– Yup. Not song to hear IN the shower, nononono. Song you here in that period of time you’re getting inside the shower.

I would say, Smooth Criminal, from (all hail the dace king) Michael Jackson.

19. First song you heared from your fav bands/singer?

– Here we go!

  • TØP: Stressed Out
  • MCR: Welcome To The Black Parade
  • P!ATD: House Of Memories
  • Set It Off: Wolf In Sheep Clothing
  • Paramore: For a Pessimist I’m Pretty Optimist
  • Melanie Martinez: Tag You’re It

20. What song doesn’t people expect you to know?

Party in the USA, from Miley Cyrus.

Now time for the nominations! I nominate 6 bloggers:

Hope you liked it and have like always a meowderful day!