I just want to be free

I know what you think. I have always known. Weak, soft kitty that just want’s to get some attention. You know what? I don’t want it. I don’t want YOU. I never did. I know that you will be back, begging on your knees for some help or compassion. Don’t come to me, because I will shut my door on your perfect shaped face and I will leave your with brilliant tears on your beautiful eyes. But I won’t care, I will never care about you anymore.

People says that I’m free now. I don’t think so. If I was free you wouldn’t visit me. If I was free it wouldn’t be so hard to keep saying no to you. But I’m not. Because you keep keep shaking your chains when you visit me at middle night, that’s why.

33 thoughts on “I just want to be free”

      1. Lo he tenido que traducir porque mi inglés es bastante básico y por el tono me sonaba que iban por ahí los tiros.
        Efectivamente, quien se vale de los sentimientos para chantajear es muy egoista y se aprovecha porque sabe que es la otra parte quien tiene que romper el círculo vicioso.

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      2. Exacto, y oye si quereis que alguna vez traduzca todo al español al español porque lo hace mas facil tan solo decidmelo y lo escribire en ingles y depende de lo que sea lo traduzco, como relatos y tal.

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      1. Go ahead & be free lulu, nobodies going to argue about it, cause it’s your own decision, your friends are always with you, so don’t worry, be happy.

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