Only for me

It’s because of you that I was so happy. That flower that you gave me that I still conserve reminds me of you. I know you’re gone and that lost you but it doesn’t matter, because those peaceful moments I spended with you will never disappear. And my flower is still next to the same window I lost you, and where you lost your own life.

18 thoughts on “Only for me”

      1. Ok, so you have to press the Bell to see all your notifications. Then you can also go to stadistics and press “years” and you’ll see from what country are you getting visited. Also a VERY IMPORTART thing is press the “FOLLOW” freaking button on my blog.


      2. Hahahah, yeah you followed me…I PARDON YOUR LIFE FOR TJIS TIME YOU HOLLY MOLLY SON OF PEPPERONI! And you have to go to “write” and you write a tittle and then if you want you can add a photo. Also you just got your first follower ;D


      3. Ok…hummm..*brain pain, oh shoot!* Hummm let’s can edit your post do you could go to “your posts” and edit the first one that already becomes with WordPress when you install it and you could edit it and convert it.


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