Melanie Martinez fanart!

Melanie Martinez is a singer that I really love but one thing…do NOT watch her videos if your sensible…key? Advise given. This drawing is from her in her video Pity Party (spoiler, she’s not happy…like, AT ALL). It’s really cute, and her hair remaids me of Cruela De Vil hairstyle. Her dressing/video style is like goth baby. All realy nice but she has tatoos on all her body (didn’t draw them T-T…I forgot) and she is like an grown up playing like a lil girl. Creepy but kawaii. The link of this video is the following:

And if you don’t want to see the video because you ACTUALLY READ my advise go to this link:

And here is (finally) my drawing!

56 thoughts on “Melanie Martinez fanart!”

    1. Im not going to say much but is this more or less. She invites people to her party but nobody comes and she waits…and waits…so she gets mad and go CRAZY. She screams, punch her toys, cut her cake with a giant knife on irregular pieces, she eats the pieces wuth her hands…etc.. when she calms herself her house is on FIRE. Not going to say the end.

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      1. Key, there’s no blood or things like that, she just goes REALLY FREAKING MAD. But just that. My poor Melany…so lonely..I’M WITH YOU MELANIE!! Collaborate with the hastag #partywithmelanie


      1. Herrrmoso!! Pero si, así de una vez se han metido conmigo. Porque dibujas esas cosas? A ver porque prefiero tener PERSONALIDAD algo de lo que vosotras, que quereis ser más flacas que la sirenita, y poner morritos todo el santo dia, obviamente CARECEIS.

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      2. Bueno no te preocupes conmigo también se han metido si no es por una razón era por otra… pero con el tiempo aprendí que la gente que se mete con otra gente es por envidias, porque ven que eres mejor que ellos y como no saben aceptarlo y les duelen pues intentan hacer mal a otros para sentirse ellos mejor! Pero no te preocupes porque una vez alguien me dijo que el tiempo pone a cada uno en su sitio! Y es verdad 🙂

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  1. Just so you know some people think Melanie is be crazy to u, but she is a truly amzing person and i am a big fan, so Lulu don’t let anyone judge you on what you think, and i really like ur drawing! I love her songs “soap”, “Training wheels” “Mrs.PotatoHead” and “Alphabet Boy” Plz check out my blog 👌😊🍼”Its My Party And I Cry If I Want To!”

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