Poem to the ex

Do you hate me?

Cause I think you do.

Do you love me?

Do you even miss me?

I think you don’t.

You’ll be glowin on your candy bubble until I break it down.

And I will.

But just for your information,

until that…just forget me.

41 thoughts on “Poem to the ex”

    1. Duh, I don’t lie about this my dear (okno) but know serously, yup. I do have an ex…well, “EX” Ya know at my age I don’t take exes to serously but this person maked me feel bad with myself for a REEEALLY long time so…yeah, I duppose we could call it like that.

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      1. Ok, lets all relax. ONE, nop he’s NOT my boyfriend (well, not YET) And TWO, could we just leave the hole ex thing pls? Don’t want to talk about it really. I wrote that post to get rid of the last part of it and I’M DONE.

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