Speedpaint Ladybug🐞 (sound required)

So this is something weeeey to new on my account, and I hope I didn’t make a mistake making this video. I’m really sorry I didn’t notice I turned the camera upside down😅. Also I think is not very good the drawing but…is my first speedpaint! Hey, I tryed! And one last thing, this is Marinette with another outfit cause I’m tired of seeing her with the same fricking clothes all day so, yup, I changed that and Tikki, wich is now like a..shadow Tikki? Kinda? Well hope you like it and comment if you want more speedpaintings and what should I draw next! Bye!


27 thoughts on “Speedpaint Ladybug🐞 (sound required)”

      1. *Alexander enters in the room with a baby in his arms* HER BURR LOOK AT MY PRECIOUS HAMILSON HE’S SO AWESOME MY HAMILSON IS BETTER THAN YOUR BURRNET DAUGHTER!! *Hercules Muligan enterns the room to say* PRRRRRA!

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