Q&A with Lulu! 1 (comment a question)

Heya! This post I should probably put it on my second acount (Lulu_chan2, you can go check it out if you haven’t yet, just saying…) but I don’t have to many followers and nobody will see it so it wouldn’t have nothing interesting. So know that I said this…time for you to READ!

Ok! In this post I am going to let you all comment me something you want to know about me (I mean…if you want to) I know I’m not to interesting but if you like to ask me something like my favourite food, etc…yup.

Ok, thanks for reading and i’ll be doing soon another post with the answers! Bye and have a nice day!

17 thoughts on “Q&A with Lulu! 1 (comment a question)”

  1. My first manga was Love Hina??? I think so… it was a long of time…
    Just for know… Do you have some song very very significative for you… someone that you listened in a very radical moment of your life???

    I hope you understand… Im not good at english.

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