Q&A with Lulu! (Answers, finally!)

Heya! I finally have the answers people, yey! I’m really happy and thanks for asking me! (Also like if you want more Q&A in the future)

Let’s start:

  • Artemisa007 and Anne runs on tea: The first anime I saw (excluding Pokemon and Doraemon) was Sakura Card Captor and my first manga was Fruit Basket.
  • Lucesysombras and Brielacloud: Try to guess my age! (Do not worry I will not get angry with any answer)
  • Braindumlogic: I sure did share some puns with ya my dear!
  • Artemisa007: Who inspired me to draw was one of my friends, a youtuber called Sophira Lou (check her out) and my cousing.
  • Angeles LezCa: One song that has been very important to me was Welcome to the Black Parade, by My Chemical Romance. It was in like my “emo” years but I still love that song and I listen to it still.

Thanks to everyone and hope you liked this kind of posts. Bye and have a meowderful day!

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