Three-eyed girl [experimenting]

This is a three-eyed not an OC girl! I used a diferent technique for this drawing there is not so much lineart I didn’t do a sketch and I colored it directly! Hope you like it and have a meowderful day!

26 thoughts on “Three-eyed girl [experimenting]”

      1. Really? But yeah, I’m spanish. The thing is that I hate “flamenco” (sorry…) or reggeaton at exception of some songs thta are really catchy. But I watch TV in english and I just LOOOVE talking in english. So…yup. But thanks my dear! And now…YOU SPEAK ENGLISH?! *GASPS* THAT’S SO COOL I LOVE ENGLISH!


      2. Wow…so we are like…THE EXACT SAME in this. Like…I prefer a lot more talking in english through chats that in spanish. I also dislike most spanish songs except some ones. Do you know Malú. Sorry but I just…BRRR!! Uf, I can’t.🤣😘

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      3. Do you IMAGINE!? Wow…like I say in spanish…PARANOIA TOTAAAAL BRO! Hhaha! But you have a cool sense of humor! But no, now serius pls, Malu sings like if you’re kiling somebody. Like AGHHDHUWNHDJD, I hate her music, sorry!

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      4. Gocha bi** (censured cause legal context no internal damages pls) !! I KNEW it! Hahhaa! Your under arrest lady! But not only cause of that stupid diamond, that was a trap, you’re arrested cause is ilegal to be such a kind and beautiful person!!

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  1. Well I think if I would do that I wouldn’t have a chance! Although I like more the lineart, im keen on it, you know… And btw I saw a lot of youtubers using the Sakura pens! I think you have them dont ya? They seem to be reaaaally cool. I think Im gonna buy them!

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