First 2018 Contest!

Heya guys! Hope you’re having a meowderful new year! I’m just so exited about it I wanted to celebrate doing a…CONTEST!

I’ll do a contest from 2 of January to the 17 of January! Hope that time is enough for you to post your piece! There’ll be 3 categories!

  • Best drawing
  • Best writing
  • Most original trends

I’ll sincerly be super duper happy if you agreed to do this! Thanks for reading and I’ll see ya all soon!


68 thoughts on “First 2018 Contest!”

      1. Yup. But I loove english and I have an american friend that says I am getting closer to a native speaker level. Yeyyy!! Where are you from by the way? I mean, if you don’t mind. Are you english?🤔😘😍

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      2. Hahhaha, another thing we have in common!😉😝🌸
        I wish I knew you when I was nominating people for the #ChismePosteo were you say 10 things about yourself! I would love to see that!


      3. Hahahha, another thing we have in common then!🌸🤣
        Ohhh, I really feel sorry cause I didn’t nominate you on the #ChismePosteo were you say 10 facts about yourself…is because I didn’t know you so…😭😭


    1. Sure!! Totally fine!! And pls is not necessary to call me Lulu Chan call me only Lulu! That’s what everyone calls me!! So…Wich category will you be in?? It’s ok if you do more than one. The finish date for the competition is 17 of January! Hope you like it and participate!!

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      1. Actually I think to join this contest 2-3 days ago but at time I have nothing in my mind & now I know what I have to do, Thanks to you to let me join…Lulu 💞

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      1. Don’t worry it’s just a language, the main thing is that we can communicate easily…..isn’t it’s great even thought we belong to different countries.

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      2. That’s not it. Actually we forced to learn English from the education system, Well that’s not it I hate it…..actually I like English😜😜

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