New art supplies!

Heya! Look what I got! Muahahhahaha!!! 12 Brushmarkers and 6 Promarkers! Like HEEELLOOOO!?? I just wanned to sare this with you guys cause I am so excited! I hope you see some new coloring with this beauties soon😉

The Brushmarkers:

And the Promarkers:

38 thoughts on “New art supplies!”

  1. I no poder yo hablar with you because yo no tener the ….. corect et le mensaje for entrar en lo de record, je ne pa because yo no acordar of mi contraseña 😅😅, y si estoy estudiando inglis y frances en navidad😭😭

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    1. I’m obviously a girl, though some times I don’t act like one😅. And sorry for the grammar, I don’t know how I got that wrong…well maybe cause I’m not english, I’m actually Spanish, so if I get something wrong can you correct me pls?👌😉


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  2. How can you prove to me that you’re not a creepy 18 yr old boy kidnapper, who’s just trying to earn my trust? If you can’t, I will lessen my texts, and will change whatever I say to you, when I do. Got it? Okay. Thank you for your time.

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