Art trade with Lulu chan!! [reblogged from Ami Cyberspace]

OMIGOSH! Ami posted her part of our art trade it is SUPER DUPER kawaii~ ^_^ Just look!:


I’ve been feeling kind of sparkly recently!! Sparkly but tired, and a little pinch of emo too! Yup.

Anyway, I and Lulu Chan decided to do an art trade!! You better check her blog out HERE if you are looking for a sweet corner with cute posts!! She drew me the cutest little bunny boy ;; u ;;) Press the heart to see her post!! ->> 

She asked me to draw a neko girl, so this is what came to my mind:

She’s sleeping on a fluffy dream cloud!!! Aaah I wish I was her…. Zzzz…. Zzzz.  zz…. z….. GAAH!!! I’M AWAKE!! O A O)///

It was a while since I played around with my markers so this was really fun!!

Thank you Lulu for suggesting this!!♥♥♥

See y’all around!

Bai baii∼


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27 thoughts on “Art trade with Lulu chan!! [reblogged from Ami Cyberspace]”

    1. Ok! You press the box woth the arrow and you press the “open in safari” option. Then you go down to the post you wanna reblog till you get to the part on that post where it puts the “bla bla bla liked this post” and so. You’ll se a reblog button. Press it!

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      1. Reaally?? Woah woah well.. see I’m thinking something along the lines of ‘a girl with her head in the clouds’, similar to the drawing here. Or a girl in the clouds (sitting or meditating lol it depends on your interpretation) it could mean a daydreamer or someone lost in her own thoughts.

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