Dreams are the goal and the imagination the transport…And the reality? It’s the starting point.

(Now in spanish)

Los sueños son la meta y la imaginación el transporte…¿Y la realidad? Es el punto de partida.

52 thoughts on “Dreams/Sueños”

    1. It’s true that whatever we think & think about it continuously, that will come true in your reality, then why some people say like that “you should think about something that can really true”. Why? Don’t they have a little confidence in their own dreams.

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      1. Right, they don’t know that if they committed a crime to dream about something then they should also have some confidence to make it true. If they can’t able to make it true then they can stop dreaming & imagining but if they don’t try then how they can know.

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      2. Yeah, but we also have to be in reality, as it is the start point. We can dream of being president of the USA, but its not sure to happen, although you can try to be a famous politician instead.

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      3. Well, if somebody going to dream about being a president of USA and also imagine themselves to sit on the chair of president then the nature will help them to become a president, moreover they will developed a president character.
        That’s the nature law of attraction.

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  1. ¡Qué bonita frase! Una vez leí (no me acuerdo dónde) la siguiente que también me gustó mucho: “sueña hasta que tus sueños se hagan realidad”.
    Me encantan este tipo de frases *-*

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      1. Ayy que monos los paquetes 😍😍
        Bastan bien, ahora estoy de examen pero como los peores ya han pasado estoy más tranquila. Y tu cómo estás? Ya se te ha pasado el susto?

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  2. & also whatever we think is up to us, we can’t deny the fact that we are far away from our dreams but if we have some patience then any dream can become true, just believe in yourself.

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