Not all guys are bad, but I just had to do this, have a meowderful day!


Es importante para ti. Y lo sabes. Crees saberlo todo acerca de esa persona, pero a la vez no sabes nada. Crees que te quiere, crees SABER que te quiere. La pregunta es cuanta verdad hay en eso. ¿Te ha decepcionado, acaso? ¿Manipulado? Entonces no vale. No vale ni la mitad de lo que vales tu. Ni te llega a la suela del zapato, nunca lo hizo. Pasa página, abre los ojos, déjale y serás feliz viendo por fin quien de verdad te importa.

It’s important to you. And you know it. You think to know it all about this person, but at the same time you don’t know anything. You think he loves you, you think you KNOW he loves you. The question is how many truth there is in that. Did he disappoint you? Manipulated you? Then he doesn’t deserve you. He isn’t the half of what you deserve. He doesn’t even geet to your size of your foot, he never did. Pass the page, open your eyes, leave him and you’ll be happy seeing finally who you really care about.

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