When was the last time you…?[TAG]

Heyaaaa! Today I bring ya all another Tag! Yeyyy! This tag was created by my beloved friend Olivia who is REALLY talented and also very nice! Go check her out! Well, let’s start!

1- …You laugh like a child?
– Today while I was having luch, with a friend.

2- …huged someone?

⁃ Oh, PLEASE…I hug someone like…every MINUTE?

3- …you swam in the sea?

⁃ Ok, not in the sea but yes in the swimming pool. At New Year’s Eve.

4- …went out with your friends?

⁃ Las weekend, I am very lucky and I have very close friends.

5- …you eat chocolate or anything sweet?

⁃ Hahhaha, this is waaay to easy. I eat chocolate and sweets everyday.

I just CAN NOT!

6- …you read a paper book, and not a digital one?

⁃ I don’t normaly read on digital soo…

7- …dedicated time to talk with your parents?

⁃ Just a minute ago!

8- …played with a child?

⁃ On Christmas, with my lil cousins, I’m the oldest.

9- …did an art craft?

⁃ Uf! A looot of time ago… but I saw recently a post of Lady Craft who is a really nice person and SUPER creative.

Go check her out!

10- …listened to your fav music?

⁃ I’m listening to it now. Puting my playlist is the first thing I do in the morning.

11- …danced ?

⁃ Hahah, I dance like EVERYWHERE. You could find me on the street dancing crazy.

12- …saw a sunset?

⁃ Ufff, on New Year’s Eve I think.

13- …traveled?

⁃ On Christmas! To see my family!

14- …had dinner in family?

⁃ Last Christmas.

15- …you gave a present to yourself something you liked?

⁃ On Christmas, a pair of confy black boots.


Well, there you go! Have, like aleays, a meowderful day!


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