Dragon [request]

Heyaaaa! Today I bring a request that a cousing of a friend of mine asked me for, hopes he likes it! What do you think? Wish me good luck!

Have a meowderful day!


74 thoughts on “Dragon [request]”

      1. I swear if anyone says anything bad Imma go beat them with a broom 😂😂😂. I really think you should go ahead with it plus who cares that you don’t have a perfect english? If you like what you are doing then people can put a ducktape over their mouths 😂😂😂

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      2. By the way I once used to have a youtube channel and my english isn’t that perfect either and honestly I don’t think i ever saw someone complain about it.If the content you are going to do is well made then it shouldn’t be a problem

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      1. i tried drawing today and i am not so good. would you consider writing a post on drawing tips for commplete noobs? lol. i was looking for one on wordpress and can’t find any. my friend who is a talented drawer she just told me she started off by just seeing something she wanted to draw and drawing it. right now i’m just trying to draw a Blue Eyes White Dragon lol

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