Request for theobssesedgirl

Heyaaaa!! Such a long time friends!! How are ya all?? Me here being a bad friend cause I’m just SO late with request but I swear you all I haven’t forgotten, huh? Well less chatting and let’s see what we have over here…HUUUUMMMM

Ok, WOW sorry so much friend cause I didn’t actually did what you asked me for… but oh well if you want me to repeat me say it please!

Here you haveee~

Liked it? Hope so! Have a meowderful day and thanks for reading!


62 thoughts on “Request for theobssesedgirl”

      1. What if the one who requested it really really liked it and wished for it to be her profile pic or blog icon or smthing. Do you sell it to them or give it for free? I’m curious ☺️

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  1. Really!! You are so talented…… That’s so attractive drawing……. I’m sure the one that you make this drawing is going to be soooo happy…. 😍😍😍

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  2. Hehe…….. I knew that, even though I not posted anything but you still like it….& that’s what make me curious to know you…… And after that I become a fan of your art.. 😆😆😆

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      1. Hehe…… You say the truth with your own mouth 😅😅😅, who doesn’t now that child’s are the cutest one in this world 😆😆 because of their Childish nature 😍😍😍, I love about this nature so It’s fine….😘😘

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  3. I actually just came here to check if you were OK because I hadn’t seen you post in a while and I saw this. 1. THIS IS WAY BETTER THAN I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE 2.I WILL USE THIS IMMEDIATELY FOR MY INSTAGRAM ICON 3. DID I MENTIONED I LOVED IT 4.HIW COULD YOU DO IT IN SUCH A PROFESSIONAL WAY YET SHORT TIME?


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