Me and Koset♡

Heyaaaa!! How are you doing?

I decided to draw in a blackboard me and my adorable Koset-chan (known as braindumblogic here) like in a selfie, hope you like it! Can you guess who is each one?

And that’s all for now! Put your guesses on the comments! Have a meowderful day…or night? Gah~ Now I’m confuseeed!>~<


34 thoughts on “Me and Koset♡”

      1. Yeh, I guess that’s true, I’m that kind of friend who gives hugs to all of her friends and she is the kind of semi-tsundere who hates getting hugs but I still love her (hehehe, I know she likes my hugs)

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      1. Lulu~chan name 😍😍😍,for me lulu~chan is always so cute, werderful, amazing & always motivates me, So……..lulu~chan name….ummm…… How about shooting 🌟 star or shinning doll… Which one do you prefer

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