Sad girl in bed [+art process]

Heyaaaaa!! Lots of people asked me to actually SHOW the process of how I draw things. I brought some digital art, BUT I forgot to take a photo of the sketch and lineart and I am just SO sorry for that, please forgive me. But I did thake photos to the coloring process so…here you have!


1. I first select the colors I’m gonna use. Then I apply the basic colorin the first layer.2. Next I create the next layer on top of the previous one to add the shadows.

3. Then, in the last layer, I give it details, lights and extra things that I think that may look good to finish thr drawing and, of course, I sign it.

And that’s all!! Ok, that’s the technique I ussualy use, it doesn’t matter if you use another one! Hope you liked the final result and have a meowderful day!


26 thoughts on “Sad girl in bed [+art process]”

      1. It’s true that we should have to do the best of the best but in technology we should know the methods and technies to doing or making something…..😊😊😉 but don’t worry I’ll will learn them too cause you are here to teach me,sensei 😍😍

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      2. Even you don’t consider but you are really a lovely sensei 😍😍😍,you always motivate others and teaches them to how to improve…. I love💗💖 your thoughts✨ sensei ✨

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  1. i want to dab in a little digital media art after someone suggested it because it is cheaper than buying art supplies. i think i’ll post the fan art i made today! do you just use microsoft paint? or do you have like a cool drawing gizmo that you use?

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    1. In my art classes I use a laptop connected to a digital tablet to paint and I use Krita, or (to draw in 3D) I use magica boxer.
      But I normally use Sketchbook, and I highly recomend it if you are starting or want to draw easily! I made this drawing with that.
      And yeyyyy!! post it you draw awesomely!!

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