LULUTUNES [Listen please♡]

Heyaaaaa!! I bring you a new Lulutune post! Well, for those who don’t know what the hell I’m talking about let me explain.

It’s a post I did aome time ago in my blog (here, duh) where I recomend songs, or just show the song I’m obssesed with at the moment. Last time I posted “Want you to say” by PLAYBACK a K-Pop girlband. But nonononoNOPE, this time I bring you a ENGLISH song (not that I live K-Pop less, of course) but this song is just…ahhhh~♡

It’s called “Sad Song” by We The Kings and it’s a collaboration with Elena Coats. It’s the first time a here something of We The Kings but I already like how they sing and there music. Please, LISTEN TO IT, and to make it easy for you guys I will put the song here, ENJOY!

Did you actually hear the song? I hope so. I also hope you liked the song, I just feel so much emotions with this song… thanks for listening (if you actually did it, but hey you are free to not hear it) and have a meowderful day!


21 thoughts on “LULUTUNES [Listen please♡]”

    1. Gracias! Hahah, no suelo escuchar canciones tan tranquilas, yo tampoco pero esto me encantó…y sobre lo de la edad…mmmm, te importa si no lo digo? no eres la primera en preguntar pero hace tiempo decidí en no decir nada perosonal en internet, ni donde vivo, edad, ni cara. Lo siento Ester…te importa que siga en secreto?

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