Heyaaaa guys…I KNOW, you are going to close this post before I even start talking. You can be here for 3 reasons:

  1. For the fresh gossips
  2. To see what happens, leave a like and go
  3. You actually care

I hope that you reader are here for the third reason. Ok, let’s start…

I have LOADS of insecurities but I’m going to talk to you about my fear of depression. Yup, you didn’t read it wrong, I don’t have depression, I don’t have that problem, but I can actually be a bit sad and depressive. I make black humor jokes about death to myself most times when I see something (of course I don’t say anything to the rest).

That why am I this way then? Why am I a shinning doll (that’s what Rukami (my lovely pinnaple) says), or a rainbow friend (according to Asia Jackson)? Why do I say thank you so many times? Cause I have that fear. According to a professional psychologist which they said to me I have a REALLY low self-esteem, that I should love myself more. Nope, not me. I really hate myself, people have done what they could, but I’m still like this inside. Why am I so happy then? Cause I love YOU guys. You, my friends and family make me able to give the love I don’t give myself, help the people with problems when I can’t even solve my owns and just be a happier and better person! That’s why I say thank you 120373920000 times a day. So put me in the comments something, whatever, I assure I will be gratefull.

“But Lulu! If they start insulting you?” I would be capable of be much stronger.

People often says to me that I need to love myself bedore I love the rest. I don’t know about you but that just doesn’t work for me.

Did you made it till here? Yea? Thank youuu, I fell so much liberated now! I really wan’t to thank all my freinds but especially Briela and El rincón de Mar for the supportives talks they gave me yesterday.

Well, have a meowderful day, love you guys, honestly.


64 thoughts on “MY INSECURITY [Talk post]”

      1. Well…. actually you can stop yourself. Let me tell you how:
        I have flaws that I’m sure you don’t have, and they’re quite visible 😕, yet I don’t hate myself for it. I accept the fact that I have it/them. If you keep making defects to yourself such as …. i don’t know…. let’s say piercings on the tongue for instance, it’s not beautiful but you can mend it. You can correct this by taking it off; while my flaws I can’t . If you don’t enjoy what you make to yourself; just don’t do it unless you’re crazy and in that case you need to see a shrink. I don’t think that you’re crazy, I’m pretty much sure you’re sane. Stop exaggerating things with no real matter upon your life. You’re young, I’m sure you have qualities that other people don’t have. I’m sure that you have capabilities that other people would love to have. Stop thinking low about yourself, try to see the good in you and then tell me about it.

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      2. That’s the problem! People say that it’s cause I’m humble and I don’t want to say good things anout myself but it’s just because I hate saying them to people…but thanks! I know I have things that are good but I just can’t say it at loud!

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      3. When i was little , i hated to look at myself in the mirror, i wasn’t beautiful and still ain’t , but with the time i understood that I have to look at myself to improve my appearance. You have to do the same. You don’t have to be proud or feel superior to others. It’s good to be humble, but not inferior.
        Do this : look at yourself in the mirror , look deep into your eyes , smile at your reflection , say out loud :I’m worthy , I’m beautiful , I’m what I am, I’m a person who is as much as any other.
        Now repeat it louder , repeat it NOW

        And tell me what you’re felling

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  1. hola lulu!
    he pensado mucho en tu problemilla pero viendo que a ti te hace feliz y te alegra ayudar a otros pues tal vez deberias enfocar tu vida a ello!
    quiero decir en el futuro trabajar en algo ayudando a otros! eso tal vez te ayude a superar tus complejos y seras deliz.
    tambien te propongo ser voluntaria! ir a sitios a dar de comer a gente pobre… por ejemplo yo era voluntaria en un grupo scout y jugaba con ninos y organizabamos recogidas de juguetes para dar a los pobres o ropa… en fin todas esas cosas me hacian sentir mucho mejor y al mismo tiempo hacia feliz a muchas personas 🙂 no se, piensalo !

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  2. Yo si tuve depresión y ansiedad,fue difícil? Sí,pero salí d eso y hoy soy otra persona. Tengo acné desde los 11 y ya tengo 34 y sigue conmigo,soy muy delgada y nunca fui la mas linda d la clase ni d la familia. Hoy me amo,aunque falta camino por recorrer, pero lo importante es querer salir del fondo y NUNCA RENDIRSE!!! PUEDES Y MERECES AMARTE Y ESTAR BIEN,NUNCA PARES D PELEAR POR TU BIENESTAR. CUENTA C MI APOYO Y TESTIMONIO SI LO NECESITAS.😘😘😘

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  3. Ánimoooooo!!!
    Yo te diría que no des tanto valor a lo que viene de fuera…. A unos les vas a gustar y a otros no…. Es así para todo el mundo…. Lo importante…. Lo valioso… Es lo que sale de ti hacia los demás…y por lo poco que te conozco creo que estás en el buen camino así que sigue adelante…. paso a paso…y muéstrale al mundo todo lo que vales… Estoy segura que tienes muchas más virtudes para compartir que defectos y la gente que te quiere de verdad… seguro que ni siquiera los ve….. aunque tú te empeñes en remarcarlos!!! 😉

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  4. My dear shinning doll……i think that if we start hating our ownself either when we love someone but we don’t get back the same or someone says to us something that when we knew the thing but we start to hate our ownself instied to correct them….cause nobody in this world born with hatred and sadness, it’s happened in this world only when We hear something that what people doesn’t like about you, or we did something that we regret up until now…. But my dear shinning doll even how many flow you have or how many mistakes you do in your life your friends and your family members are always with your side and always stand with you, the one who love you always with you no matter how many flow you have or how many mistakes you make……and my dear shinning doll I wants to say you something that OUR WEAKNESSES ARE OUR STRENGTH…… so don’t hate them just embrace them cause that is what you are,they define you as lulu the shinning doll or rainbow friend…. Nobody in this world is perfect if we are isn’t we become god….

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      1. Hehe……….. No need to say thanks…. If in any way I can help I’m glad about that after all you are my shinning doll how can I let you be sad 😊😊😘

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  5. Awwww Lulu, I am so sad to know you feel this way. Sometimes I also make a lot of black humor jokes and just feel bad with myself but just remember that here are so many things out there waiting for you. You are an amazing person and we all love you so much.
    ❤ Hope you feel better.
    Remember what BTS said love yourself 😚

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  6. *inhales deeply* LULU…!! If you can’t love yourself, I will love you (as friends that we are, don’t get me wrong7-7x’d) the amount YOU can’t love yourself. And I warn you, you won’t get rid of me easily òvó!!

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      1. Yes, it’s not easy, but – deep down – you know you’re lying to yourself and this dissonance results in insecurity. Once you manage to overcome the stage of lying to yourself- and you will, eventually – your insecurities won’t be as present in your life as they are now.

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  7. Siento mucho Lulu leer tus entradas tan tarde.

    He escrito este comentario muchas veces porque quiero contarte un pedazo de mi historia pero no encuentro las palabras correctas.

    Así que solo me queda decirte que muchas veces pues las personas se van y no puedes basar tu felicidad en la presencia de alguien más, la única manera en que aprenderás a ser realmente feliz es cuando aprendas a no depender de los demás.
    Por lo menos eso es lo que me pasó a mí, realmente no tengo amigos fuera del blog, tengo conocidos pero no amigos. Es una historia muy larga…

    Gracias por tomarme en cuenta, siempre estaré para ti♡

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  8. Creo que en mi anterior comentario no dije nada de lo que quise decir, (en mi casa es muy difícil concentrarse, mucha bulla).

    Querida Lulu, creo que eres una gran persona, una gran amiga, recuerda que la baja autoestima está en la mente que solo si aprendes a hablar contigo misma podrás superar todos tus miedos, eso fue lo que yo hice, sin ayuda de amigos, de psicólogos me di cuenta que nadie puede ayudarte mejor que tu mismo así que por mi cuenta empecé a tratarme buscando vídeos de autoayuda, vídeos de aprender a meditar, la meditación puede traerte paz a esa cabecita tan ruidosa.
    Al principio no es fácil la distracción es mucha pero luego aprendes a meditar en cualquier lugar y a pensar más en tu vida, en que haces mal y que haces bien, darte cuenta y reconocer que todos tenemos defectos y eso es normal. No creas en lo que veas en las redes, no creas en lo que te diga la sociedad, cree en ti♡

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  9. Lulu, ok I just saw this post, and my body started to put itself in a war-position. I surprised myself trying to find a sword. (Okno) But Lulu, if ANYTHING happens, please (if you wanna, I don’t want to force you) tell me. I will ALWAYS be there for you (or I’ll try, I’m not perfect, you know. I kinda get angry too sometimes). And I WANT to, so don’t think I’m forced to or something, I just want to help you defeat that awful enemy called self-esteem (which I have too, and I defeated mostly, although its still there, its not so strong now) which you shouldn’t have. I mean, look at you, you have so many virtues, and you are just so kind and urgh! Let’s defeat that monster together, Lulu! We can, we can, we can!! And whenever you want to talk to me I AM HERE FOR YOUUUU!! Just remember you’re not alone, k?

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