Heyaaaaa! Ok so I KNOW I should be doing the haul of the FreakCon once and for all but…I can’t.

Not only cause time, because of something that has happened recently in Spain. A 8 year old boy, Gabriel, has died. He was assasinated and thinking that he had so many hopes…and dreams…actually he wanted to work on the underwater nature when he grew up so that’s why I decided to draw two fishes.

(Also check Artemisa’s art post about Gabriel)

I just want to say there are some really bad sh¡t in this world, but I hope we can all agree when I say he didn’t deserve death.

Here you have, my drawing:

Hope you have a meowderful day, I know Gabriel will be somewhere playing with his beloved sea creatures and fishes. I hope that two of those fishes are mines.


25 thoughts on “#TodossomosGabriel/#WeallareGabriel”

  1. It’s a lovely drawing!!! I wish I could draw a fish for Gabriel too but can’t cause I have my exams right now and I’m preparing for that… Sorry, I really 😢😢wish I could

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