Random doodles + Surprise

Heyaaaa! Sorry for the inactivity, I still have a lot of posts to do but I just don’t have time so…yea, sorry for that.

Inspired by a really good friend of mine (wich I mentioned in my last post) I bring you some of my random doodles and quick drawings, BUT!! WAIT A MINUTE!!

Before we start I wan’t to say that at the end of this post I will ask you guys something important and interesting if you want to read it it will be right before I say my typical “have a meowderful day” and so.

And now…dentro doodles!

  1. Random girl with no nose (poor girl). (Done with a red pen)
  2. A quick sketch of Jimin with orange hair and sunglasses. (Done with ablack pen, pastel pink and orange highlighters)
  3. New OC? Maybe? She doesn’t have one eye, that’s why it is all black. (Done with a pencil and pastel color highlighters)
  4. My OC Myah (I have her bio, like if you wan’t me to post it) (Done aslo with pencil and pastel color highlighters)
  5. Sad doodle heartbroken number 1 (Done with black pen)
  6. Sad doodle heartbroken number 2 (Done also with black pen)
  7. Sad violin boi inspired by a YouTuber called Lilypichu (Done with the free app SketchBook, digital art)

Liked them? (Me likey, me like like likey, me likey likey likey~♪) Hope so!

And noooowwwwww (IAAAAAA WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOUUUUUUUU~ Okno, I have to chill)

The news!

For those that have known me for a time ago now, they may remember I did a Q&A a while ago and I just wanted to do it again now that our little family has grown! SO! What do I want you guys to do?

  • Make your questions in the comments, putting QUESTION before the actual question.
  • You can ask me a lot if things but I’m just telling you, if you ask me age/face/where I live reveal I won’t answer them so I tell you to don’t even bother.
  • I will be answering all the questions in a post the 27 of March. So you have 6 days to ask whatever you guys want!

Liked the surprise?^^ I’m so excited! Have a meowderful day, and I guess I’ll see you soon!

~ Nya

13 thoughts on “Random doodles + Surprise”

  1. I like your drawings 👍

    Are you American, asian, African or what?
    spicy food or not?
    What’s your hobby
    Do you drive
    What if you could change something about yourself, what would it be?
    Where would you like to travel?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. these are sooo great! i love your little doodles so much. i’m still working on learning how to draw. I just adore these doodles.
    Question: Would you want to collab on a zine in the future? like a small chapbook with poems and pictures with it?
    ohhh and can i ask another
    Who are your favorite artists?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You can ask as many as you wish my friend! I’m glad that you ask! and you have talent, you will do good with practice, I’m still practicing so yeah. I will gladly answer your questions in my post, thanks again!


  3. Hi Lulu , I missed you.For some reason I keep missing your new posts.Here are some questions.

    How do you manage to be so nice?
    Who is your ultimate bias wrecker , since we know your ultimate bias is Jimin ?
    What is your future dream job?

    Liked by 1 person

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