Gift for my Lovely Pinapple~ [Rukami☆]

Heyaaaaa!! This post is dedicated to a very especiall person that has infiltrated her kawaiines and good vibes and coments in my life. And yes my lovely pinapple, thanks YOU Rukami!

Thanks for your nice coments (although I think Artemisa chan is a bit fed up with us fighting about who is nicer in her post, hehehe~) I hope you like this drawing I made just for you! You are the girl sitting in the grass with a skirt (hope you like it) and I’m the girl in the glasses winking at the people. I’m so nervous guys! Will she like it…~

Well and that was all! I also remember you that Q&A’s questions are still open until the 27 of March, just for you to know.

Have a meowderful day, I love you all (and Rukami), and I’ll see you soon, bai!

~ Nya

20 thoughts on “Gift for my Lovely Pinapple~ [Rukami☆]”

  1. Omg!!! It’s sooo kawaiii my shinning doll 😍😍😍😍,ofcourse I loveeeee it sooooo much….. And lulu~chan is the best😍😍😍my kawaiii shinning doll thank~you so much 💖💖💖💖💖💖💟💗💝💗💗💟💞💞💞💞

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      1. I love it soo much!! After seeing your effort on it I can’t stop my tears of joy, I can’t even even express how much wonderful is it.. I love you my shinning doll 💕💕💕💕💟💟💞💞💗💗💗

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    1. Hola Thiago!
      Me alegro de conocer nueva gente y que me apoyen está genial!
      Miraré el blog que me dijiste y te doy las gracias por adelantado. Por todo. Cada cosa que hacen por mi es un trocito de mi que se recompone asi que gracias por ayudarme a unir mis piezas.
      Saludos, amistosamente.

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      1. Gracias 😉 Si tienes tiempo entre tus horas de dibujo, te recomiendo que veas esta serie: Casi Ángeles. A mi me ayudó mucho cuando pasé por un momento muy difícil en mi vida y creo que a ti te puede ayudar tambien, si quieres claro ;).

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