Q&A! [Answers]

Heyaaaa!! Yeyyyy!! I have to say I’m super happy because there were some questions eh? Well hehehe now let’s answer them!

Ok so Novus Lectio says…

Thanks for the comment! And about the questions…

Are you American, Asian, African or what?

  • I’m from Europe, I was born in Spain.

Spicy food or not?

  • Spicy but not too hot, I’m also in love with sweets~

What’s your hobbie?

  • I like writing, drawing and dancing. The people that knows me in person now may be like “what? You dance?” And the ones who already know that I dance may be like “psh, yeah she dances like everyone can dance.” But dancing has recently become a way for me to feeling with myself, and it just means so much to me.

Do you drive?

  • Nope

If you could change something about yourself what would it be?

  • Wow, ok I would change things about myself tat could improve me as a person, and maybe some physical features too. I don’t wanna be superficial…but I hate my nose for example it’s so…ugh. Yeah. But hey, don’t get me wrong, I will NEVER get into changing my face or body with quimics, ok? That’s just not for me. And as a person I would like to be more responsible and care less about ehat people say…wich I don’t like but I have to admit that affects me a bit.

Where would you like to travel?

  • To South Korea probably, although there are such amazing olaces in the world to travel too!

And that’s all with Novus’s questions. Thanks dear friend! Now let’s move to The Pretty Poems‘s questions!

Thanks for being so noce and liking my doodles. And now…questions!

Would you like to collab in a chaobook with poems and pictures in it?

  • I would LOVE to!! It could be a really good experience for me!

Fav artist?

  • Gah, can’t choose! I could say Sophira Lou, Hullo Alice, Flying Pigs, Kaos, Mili Koey to start, from YouTube. But I like some really good artists in PicsArt also, and some ilustrators like Esther Gili, and it goes on and on!

And that were her questions! Let’s move to the next one! My dearest friend theobssesedgirl!!

How do you manage to be so nice?

  • I’m NOT! *blushes* ok, maybe I like being nice to other nice people like you guys! To say that things to you I just have to feel gratitude for all your support and…THERE! You have a nice and sincere comment, hehehe~ (But I still think I’m not that nice…)

Who is your ultimate bias wrecker, since we know that your ultimate bias is Jimin?

  • Hahaha, yeah, I think anyone can tell that I have a big, HUGE (so enormous I can’t hold it) on Jimin form the band BTS. About my bias wrecker…That isn’t easy though cause I swear to whoever I love them ALL (but Jimin is special hehehe~). Ok so I have 2 bias wreckers, Tae and Suga!!

My bias, Jimin (WARNING!! I claim not responsabilities if you fall in love)

Yeah, I love him too much. And now Taeee!~

And finally my beautiful Suga!!

There you go guys, true BEAUTY! (And if you are a hater, respect it and please let me act why are you still reading this)

Well, neeeeext question! We have here my lovely pinapple Rukami!!

Fav food?

  • I like all food, I’m not really a picky person when it comes to that.

Fav restaurant?

  • I like a really good one there is in Tenerife, a Canary Island, but now I don’t remember hehe…

Fav holiday?

  • Summer vacations and Christmas, can’t choose

Fav subjet?

  • Physical Education

Ever….cheated in an exam?

  • Nope, I’m pure little angel and I promise I never did

Fall for anyone?

  • Yeah, a few times, but love bites… but don’t worry cause so do I hehehe…

What do you think of fairy land?

  • I wanna live in one! And help the meowderful things there!

Coffee, tea or milk?

  • I was intolerant to milk since I was 5, and even though I’m not any more that made me hate milk. I just don’t like having a glass of milk, I’m ok if it has chocolate or other things. I like coffee also, but I would stay with tea.

Did you drink black coffee?

  • Yeah…and it tastes >~<

Wich number of child are you?

  • I am the first one.

How many sibilings do you have?

  • I only have a little sister.

Are you scared of ghosts?

  • Nope. I’m not a supersticious person.

Do believe in aliens, vampires or Dracula?

  • I don’t believe in Dracula (cause he was invented by a writer) or vampires, but I do believe that we aren’t alone in this universe and there HAS to be something.

What makes you scared the most?

  • Lot’s of things but I think I’m really scared of letting people down. Ah, and from mosquitos…brrr~

What majes you happy the most?

  • Music. Music is my life and dancing. And drawing. And puppies, and kitties, and Jimin…and BTS and suportive people, friends and family. Wow I must be a really happy person.

Wich season do you prefer?

  • I like dressing in cozy clothes but I love swimming.

Morning bird or night owl?

  • Night owl.

Did you see a ghost?

  • Nope.

Are you scared in night?

  • Nope, I like the night actually.

Wich type of person you like and hate?

  • Like honest, nice a bit crazy and open minded, also supportive. And I hate double personality people, that act different depends on the person just to make a good impresion.

Fav instrument?

  • Piano.

Ice cream or hot chocolate?

  • Ice cream! (Sings Ice cream cake by Red Velvet)

And that’s all, Wow such a huge post! Have a meowderful day you all!


21 thoughts on “Q&A! [Answers]”

    1. Le estuve dando vueltas tras mi último comentario y me siento muy halagada en verdad. Espero que algún día salgas y me digas quién eres hasta entonces tan solo tengo en cuenta que no tienes nada que temer, puedes hablar conmigo, escucharé.
      Atentamente, Lulu~


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