I NEED HELP!! [Read plz!]


I’m SUPER scared!! WordPress isn’t letting me put any photos or video, and this is mainly an ART blog where I post ART in PICTURES!! If it doesn’t let me…I won’t be able to continue with the blog! And I don’t want that! Could you help me please?

I will talk to the workers of WordPress and stuff but if someone knows how to fix this PLEASE tell me. I’m not giving up that easily on you guys! I will come back soon!

Thanks and have a meowderful day!


19 thoughts on “I NEED HELP!! [Read plz!]”

  1. I think if you really can’t do anything about this, maybe you can upload your drawings somewhere and post it here as a link. You can upload pictures on imgur and link it here or start your own twitter if you want.

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