Tumblr girl [+Old art/Speedsketch]

Heyaaa~!! How are u guys? I’m cool!

A time ago I decided to try sketching simething in PicsArt, wich is an app I used to paint (later I’ll put some of my old PicArt drawings) and so, I did it. But there was a problem with doing anatomy cause PicsArt is DA WORST when it comes to brushes and tools (at least for me), so I had to use a picture of the body of girl and DO the anatomy with that pic.

Here you have my painful sketching process:

And this is how the sketch turned out:

And because I couldn’t finish the drawing in PicsArt (I liked the sketch too much to let it get coloured with such tools that I wasn’t used to use anymore) and I finished it in SketchBook (ejem, like ALWAYS) here you have!!

Did you like the result? I like it pretty much (OMG I LIKED ONE OF MY DRAWINGS! Okno hehhe~)

Well, but this post isn’t over here! I said before I was gonna put some of my old drawings made in PicsArt so…(PROTECT YOUR EYES!) Here you have!

And this was only at the middle/begining of 2017!!! Ugh so bad. Also, I didn’t have good tools to do lights and shadows. But well I guess I improved in a little, and I still can’t believe it.

Yeah, so have a meowderful day!! And if you like drawing or creating, keep doing what makes you happy! (But hey don’t KILL people even if that makes you happy eh?) Hahaha!


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