Drawing in SketchBook Pro [Digital Art]

Heyaaaa! How are you people? Sorry for my recent inactivity, I’m kinda busy in the middle of final exams and so.

But yeah! Most of you will know (and if not it’s totally fine, eh? Not forcing anyone or something like that) I draw digitally in an app called SketchBook. I think is for Apple AND Android, anyways, I draw with that all the digital drawings you see in my blog.

You see I used this app FOR FREE, but it had little things to use and for more options you had to pay for the Pro version.

If you read the tittle, your right, I have now the Pro version, but I didn’t pay for it…No, NO! I didn’t do anything illegal, relax! In the last App Store’s update of SketchBook it was Pro FOR FREE! Yeyyy!!!

So I did this drawing. The difference it’s noticed because of the clear lineart I did, is more clear and clean than in my other drawings. Here you have the art process:

Lineart Part 1 (Forgot to take a picture to the sketch, sorry ;-;)

Lineart Part 2

Basic colors code

Aaaand, FINISHED! The result is…

Liked it? Hope so! Tell me what you think in the comments, and, like always have a meowderful day/night!


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