Latest Comeback [BLACKPINK]


How are you? I think that I am pretty much back for now. I haven’t finished my exams but I only have a few left and I think that I can allow myself to post this.

Ok so…MY GIIIRLS!! Blackpink in your area! (Hehehe, yeah, sorry about that…)

It was going to pass almost a year since Blackpink’s last comeback when BUM! They bring a new mini-album!

(Also. I’ll leave the song at the end of the post in case you want to check it out. I can asure to you that you will like at least one thing of the video.)

For those of you who aren’t kpoppers, some basic info:

Blackpink is a kpop group composed of 4 members. Two are korean, one is from Thailand (did I spell that right?) and the last one was born in New Zeland (but in an asian family).

The members:

  • Jennie

Lider, main rapper, vocalist and dancer. From Korea.

  • Rosé

Main vocalist and dancer. Born in New Zeland.

  • Jisoo

Dancer, vocalist, visual. She’s korean and the oldest.

  • Lisa

Rapper, vocalist, main dancer and the maknae (the youngest) of the group. From Thailand.

I’m pretty much a HUGE fan. And my friend (I hope she reads this) gave me a poster that I absolutley love and have sticked on my wall:

After this, I leave you the song wich is just…WOW:

Well, what do you think? Liked it? I absolutely love them and was waiting like many other fans for them to come back. Tell me who or what was your favorite part in the comments!

Also, they are pretty extra out of the cameras.

On the video:

After of the video shooting:

Well, have a meowderful day/night!

~ Nya

17 thoughts on “Latest Comeback [BLACKPINK]”

  1. 1. Rosé tambien es Maknae, tiene la misma edad que Lisa.
    2. No podrás negar la hermosura de Jennie por favor!!
    3. ¿Quién te ha regalado ese poster tan absolutamente increible? 😜
    4. Me alegro de que estés mejor. Miss you ♥

    Liked by 2 people

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