My remake of a drawing I found [Digital Art]


How are you guys? I’m pretty exited! That’s true my dears, Lulu’s back since yesterday and with new art!

So, I was going through the internet looking for inspiration when I found this AWESOME drawing of a girl called w asabeeb (I don’t know who she is but the drawing has her name so…):

And I said “I have to try and redo this in my own style!” And so I did.

But before I show how I did it let me put a


I did NOT trace it.

I putted the picture on a corner and I started drawing guided by the image.

But I shall never EVER trace and post saying is mine. Never.

Once this is clear, let me show you how I did it!

  1. Sketch

2. Lineart3. Base color code + Some shadow colors and freckles4. Add the shadow roughly5. Blend the shadows 6. Put some lights [FINAL RESULT]Well, what do you think guys? I hope you liked the result! I had SO much fun drawing it.

Have a meowderful day/night!

~ Nya

54 thoughts on “My remake of a drawing I found [Digital Art]”

      1. Hmm I get what you mean… Sometimes you just can’t get it to your heart when someone praises you :// I have a hard time doing that myself ;;; But you just have to get out of your head and realise that friends don’t lie!! They just want the best for you! <3<3

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