NEW DIGITAL ART + IMPORTANT NEWS♡ [ Also, sorry for not posting :( ]

Heyaa~ Guys! Oml I’m sorry I didn’t post earlier, I’m just really busy with stuff at the moment…


Before I start I want to ask my friend called TaeTae here in WordPress tread the replies I sent to the comments just in case you didn’t notice dear friend 😉




But anyways!! I managed to keep doing some digital art, so here you go!:

  1. Me and an someone that was important in my life
  2. Aesthetic black and pink girl
  3. Aesthetic random blond girl
  4. Calie [not my OC]
  5. Rue [not my OC]
  6. Biscuits [not my OC]
  7. Pepe the frog
  8. Aesthetic asian girl with pink hair
  9. Color palette challenge [blue]
  10. If I were Chibi Moon (or Chibiusa) from Sailor Moon
  11. Color palette challenge [pink]
  12. Color palette challenge [yellow]
  13. A gift for an online friend [not my OC]
  14. Drawing of an online friend

15. A WIP of me and that person I mentioned in the first drawing

16. Doodle of my OC, Cassandra (Cassy)

17. A doodle of my friend’s anne runs on tea OC

18. Failed drawing of Junkook that I did for his bday and TOTALLY dislike

19. Once again, doodle of Cassy to cheer up your day with her positivity

20. Doodle of Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul

21. And another doodle of a friend’s OC I got asked to paint




Well people! Really hoped you enjoyed my last drawings and I hope to be more active and post more here on wordpress cos I slightly had my account a liiiiiittle bit abandoned.

Have a meowderful day/night!

~ Nya

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