And the winner is…[First 2018 Constest]

Heyaaaa!! Sorry for the delay I had judo classes and I was just SO busy!

And FINALLY the winners of my contest are…


  1. Lucesysombras
  2. Songs of my soul
  3. Artemisa007


  1. braindumblogic
  2. Artemisa’s art
  3. rukamisenpai


  1. oliviasusetcrochet

Yeyyyyy!!! And what is the prize? You choose!:

  • Personalized drawing
  • A dedicated writing

Something else you want? Just tell me in the comments!

Yey! Congrats to everyone and hope you luved as much as I did I really love ya ALL and this was my very first contest! OMG!

Well, have a meowderful day like always!