I almost died. It’s not funny. [REAL]

Heya. I wanned to share this with you. A few hours ago I was about to be killed by a car.

I was crossing the street and I SWEAR, PROMISE AND REPROMISE ya all that I looked. But an old man in a grey car decided that it was a beautiful day to kill girls.

So there he went. I runned onto the next street. Thanks god it wasn’t to late.

When I got to my car I reflexionated for a minute. Then I started crying. I was almost KILLED.

I thought that the man didn’t do on purpouse. But he didn’t care that I was scared when I looked at him, he just shouted to my face. He doesn’t care that I’ve been crying since I got home, or while I’m writing this. I almost died. And it’s true, when you’re about to die nothing else matters. Please appreciate your life. IT’S SERIOUS. It isn’t funny AT ALL. Hope at list that you have a meowderful day.