Drawing of myself! [Digital Art]

Heyaaaaa!!! So yup I recently drawed myself in an app called SketchBook, and, cause I have recently an art style block I used another artist’s style as reference. Her name is Mellany and she has a PicsArt account called @lilmellany, and in her PicsArt account she has the link to her other accounts in Instagram and in DevianArt. If you don’t know what an art style block is well is just basicly when you can’t do art, and in this case STYLE cause I can’t find my ART STYLE, ahhhhhh!!! Well, first things first, I’ll share some of Mellany’s greatness with you guys:

Just like, LOL. She’s in Art University studies and draws AWESOMELY, please check her out! And well, now let’s see mine…

Well have a meowderful day!