Just let me die already PLEASE

Heya. I just wrote that because is how I say hello, not because I’m happy.

Why am I such a coward? I lost many people’s trust, I lied, some people (most of them) hates me.

Today I tried to jump from my room’s window. I couldn’t do it. I hate myself. Who knows, maybe this is my last year in WordPress…and in life (?

I really don’t know. I really don’t want to cheer up myself anymore. I can’t lie to my self that way.

I lost also the only way to establish contact with someone I love. I won’t know anthing realationated with us until summer vacations. And who knows if I will even be able to see that person anymore. I just want that person to know I’m sorry and how big my love is for that someone.

I drew this, while smashing all my books against the floor, with tears rolling down my face.

It couldn’t represent myself better.

Sorry to everybody. Have a meowderful day, I don’t want to have one ever again.

~ Nya (?