I’m going to…

Heyaaaaa!! Guess what! I’m felling so much better, thanks for the support. Aaaaaaand I bring you the named: “thing nobody actually cares but you and your friend but I have to tell you guys and OMG LULU JUTS SAY IT!!!” Ready? I’m…..GOING TO A FREAKCON EVENT!! Yeyyyy!! With my friend! There will be different sections:

  • A Kpop zone (with a dance contest)
  • A Harry Potter zone (there is even a stand in wich you can custom your OWN WAND!)
  • A cosplay contest (anime, costumes, manga and stuff)
  • A Star Wars zone (there is going to be a representation of battle on stage)
  • A concert by some little rock bands
  • And much more!

But there are also people invited!! Get ready forrrr…

– The actor who did of Darth Vader on Rouge One

– And a secondary character of Game of Thrones

There are also going to be some ilustrators.

Why do I tell you this? Oh well there are going to be stands to by stuff, if I buy anything I guess I can do a haul!

Would you like to? Have a meowderful day!