Latest Comeback [BLACKPINK]


How are you? I think that I am pretty much back for now. I haven’t finished my exams but I only have a few left and I think that I can allow myself to post this.

Ok so…MY GIIIRLS!! Blackpink in your area! (Hehehe, yeah, sorry about that…)

It was going to pass almost a year since Blackpink’s last comeback when BUM! They bring a new mini-album!

(Also. I’ll leave the song at the end of the post in case you want to check it out. I can asure to you that you will like at least one thing of the video.)

For those of you who aren’t kpoppers, some basic info:

Blackpink is a kpop group composed of 4 members. Two are korean, one is from Thailand (did I spell that right?) and the last one was born in New Zeland (but in an asian family).

The members:

  • Jennie

Lider, main rapper, vocalist and dancer. From Korea.

  • Rosé

Main vocalist and dancer. Born in New Zeland.

  • Jisoo

Dancer, vocalist, visual. She’s korean and the oldest.

  • Lisa

Rapper, vocalist, main dancer and the maknae (the youngest) of the group. From Thailand.

I’m pretty much a HUGE fan. And my friend (I hope she reads this) gave me a poster that I absolutley love and have sticked on my wall:

After this, I leave you the song wich is just…WOW:

Well, what do you think? Liked it? I absolutely love them and was waiting like many other fans for them to come back. Tell me who or what was your favorite part in the comments!

Also, they are pretty extra out of the cameras.

On the video:

After of the video shooting:

Well, have a meowderful day/night!

~ Nya


5 AMAZING KPOP SONGS [Girlgroup Edition]

Heyaaa~! How are u?

Today I bring you one of those videos that nobody ends up reading or even less PLAYING the actual songs I put…BUT!

Cause I really wanted to share the songs, I even posted this with the actual friking videos in it! What else do you want? So yeah.


This isn’t a TOP so the songs aren’t in order of wich ones I prefer more or less. I just dropped them here randomly.

One this is said…LET’S START!

  • Rough- GFriend

Aaaah my girls~… What more can I say?My dear angels, the vocals 200 out of 10, and if you don’t even know them just apreciate the AWESOME choreography and vocals, together with the music base line. They are incredible and finally geting to be knkwn by more and more people. By bias here is Eunha (in case you wanna know, hehehe…)♡


  • Get It- PRISTIN V

Ooooh this is a recent song! It was released a few days ago only!

PRISTIN V is a subunit (the first one) of PRISTIN. They are really talented, and the subunit is formed by 5 members of the complete group.

They represent the “bad girl” style face of PRISTIN and they are doing it great. I could posibly say it’s my favourite comeback and song of the week!


  • Bingle Bangle- AOA

Bingle Bangle! BANG BANG! Okno, I should relax.

Summer is here guys, and what better than AOA realising new comeback with a super gamer and summer theme? Is not a good song speaking of music or vocals but it has a fresh choreography, and it’s pretty catchy and very easy to dance to!


  • Latata – (G)i-dle

Yeah, you didn’t read it wrong, LATATA is the name of the debut song of (G)i-dle that are already causing sensation (at least in korea and between kpopers haha…)

The catchy rap, melody and good vocals. The video’s visuals are great, and the color contrast are good.


  • You and I – Dreamcatcher

And last but not least Dreamcatcher with her latest comeback!

I’m absolutly in love with this girls, the stories they can tell in only 3:15 minutes of video (¡!)

This is the darkest concept (with difference) of this post, but is AWESOME.

Here the vocals are…WOW. Dreamcatcher together with GFriend have the best vocals of this post. The choreography is PAIN (to learn) and the music is…wow again. Just wow. I live how they put that rock taste in their songs.


And there you have guys!!

All the songs I think you will enjoy for now and that are really good in my opinion.

If you even took the time to read the hole post and watch the videos…THANKS!

Do you ejoy this kind of posts? Let me know in the comments together toguether with the song you liked the most.

Have a meowderful day/night!

~ Nya