Heyaaaa guys…I KNOW, you are going to close this post before I even start talking. You can be here for 3 reasons:

  1. For the fresh gossips
  2. To see what happens, leave a like and go
  3. You actually care

I hope that you reader are here for the third reason. Ok, let’s start…

I have LOADS of insecurities but I’m going to talk to you about my fear of depression. Yup, you didn’t read it wrong, I don’t have depression, I don’t have that problem, but I can actually be a bit sad and depressive. I make black humor jokes about death to myself most times when I see something (of course I don’t say anything to the rest).

That why am I this way then? Why am I a shinning doll (that’s what Rukami (my lovely pinnaple) says), or a rainbow friend (according to Asia Jackson)? Why do I say thank you so many times? Cause I have that fear. According to a professional psychologist which they said to me I have a REALLY low self-esteem, that I should love myself more. Nope, not me. I really hate myself, people have done what they could, but I’m still like this inside. Why am I so happy then? Cause I love YOU guys. You, my friends and family make me able to give the love I don’t give myself, help the people with problems when I can’t even solve my owns and just be a happier and better person! That’s why I say thank you 120373920000 times a day. So put me in the comments something, whatever, I assure I will be gratefull.

“But Lulu! If they start insulting you?” I would be capable of be much stronger.

People often says to me that I need to love myself bedore I love the rest. I don’t know about you but that just doesn’t work for me.

Did you made it till here? Yea? Thank youuu, I fell so much liberated now! I really wan’t to thank all my freinds but especially Briela and El rincón de Mar for the supportives talks they gave me yesterday.

Well, have a meowderful day, love you guys, honestly.