NEW DIGITAL ART + IMPORTANT NEWS♡ [ Also, sorry for not posting :( ]

Heyaa~ Guys! Oml I’m sorry I didn’t post earlier, I’m just really busy with stuff at the moment…


Before I start I want to ask my friend called TaeTae here in WordPress tread the replies I sent to the comments just in case you didn’t notice dear friend 😉




But anyways!! I managed to keep doing some digital art, so here you go!:

  1. Me and an someone that was important in my life
  2. Aesthetic black and pink girl
  3. Aesthetic random blond girl
  4. Calie [not my OC]
  5. Rue [not my OC]
  6. Biscuits [not my OC]
  7. Pepe the frog
  8. Aesthetic asian girl with pink hair
  9. Color palette challenge [blue]
  10. If I were Chibi Moon (or Chibiusa) from Sailor Moon
  11. Color palette challenge [pink]
  12. Color palette challenge [yellow]
  13. A gift for an online friend [not my OC]
  14. Drawing of an online friend

15. A WIP of me and that person I mentioned in the first drawing

16. Doodle of my OC, Cassandra (Cassy)

17. A doodle of my friend’s anne runs on tea OC

18. Failed drawing of Junkook that I did for his bday and TOTALLY dislike

19. Once again, doodle of Cassy to cheer up your day with her positivity

20. Doodle of Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul

21. And another doodle of a friend’s OC I got asked to paint




Well people! Really hoped you enjoyed my last drawings and I hope to be more active and post more here on wordpress cos I slightly had my account a liiiiiittle bit abandoned.

Have a meowderful day/night!

~ Nya



Heyaa~ guys! I really missed posting!💕

But! I’m back. And with some drawings (they are all digital btw because I can’t take fotos of anything. Why? My camera isn’t working ☹️)

Aaaaanyway…LETS START!

1- Request I drawed for someone in PicsArt. Is the zodiac sign Cancer.

2- AJSHSIJWHDUWJSG💕✨💫💖🌸🌟💞⭐️💝💘💗⚡️💓✨💫


3- I doodled this random girl in purple.

I dunno, I guess I was practicing some techniques and styles.

4- And now…oh well. In this time I pretty much got…sad? Tired of everything? Hopeless? Because of some personal reasons.

So I did a little vent art drawing that I still don’t like.

5- Then we have ANOTHER girl I doodled, but in black.

And then I guess I wanted to edit the drawing so I putted some random black hearts around her head.

* (Original ver.)

* (Edited)

6- Then we have more doodles I did, yay!

And, again, it’s purple.


I drew this OC (wich isn’t mine) for a girl on PicsArt.

Like them? Hope so!

Tell me your fav drawing in the comments!🌸

And, as always, have a meowderful day/night!


My remake of a drawing I found [Digital Art]


How are you guys? I’m pretty exited! That’s true my dears, Lulu’s back since yesterday and with new art!

So, I was going through the internet looking for inspiration when I found this AWESOME drawing of a girl called w asabeeb (I don’t know who she is but the drawing has her name so…):

And I said “I have to try and redo this in my own style!” And so I did.

But before I show how I did it let me put a


I did NOT trace it.

I putted the picture on a corner and I started drawing guided by the image.

But I shall never EVER trace and post saying is mine. Never.

Once this is clear, let me show you how I did it!

  1. Sketch

2. Lineart3. Base color code + Some shadow colors and freckles4. Add the shadow roughly5. Blend the shadows 6. Put some lights [FINAL RESULT]Well, what do you think guys? I hope you liked the result! I had SO much fun drawing it.

Have a meowderful day/night!

~ Nya

I draw myself in a cartoonish style ♥︎

Heyaa~! Lulu’s back to show a drawing I did last month!

I know I’m late but I wanted to post it since many of you have told me that you think my profile pic is “cute” (thanks! >///<)

I also want to say this was done with the OLD SketchBook ver. And now…here you have! My drawing!

There are so many fails here (ugh~) but well, hope you like it!

Have a meowderful day/night!

~ Nya

Doodle in my diary [Traditional Art]

Heyaaa~! How are you guys? Today I bring you a random doodle I did of a girl in my diary (yeah, not in my sketchbook so the quality of the paper is worst). This was made with my Brushmarker Grey set, and my black Stabilo point 88 (fine 0,4). So yeah.

Also, I didn’t expect this to turn out so good, since it was something I started drawing while I was writing in my diary some fun events (wich I’m not telling you) so I didn’t take pictures of the art process, sorry! ;-;

But now, less chatting and here you go! My drawing (DOODLE):

Liked it? Let’s talk in the comments! Have as always a meowderful day/night!

~ Nya

Drawing in SketchBook Pro [Digital Art]

Heyaaaa! How are you people? Sorry for my recent inactivity, I’m kinda busy in the middle of final exams and so.

But yeah! Most of you will know (and if not it’s totally fine, eh? Not forcing anyone or something like that) I draw digitally in an app called SketchBook. I think is for Apple AND Android, anyways, I draw with that all the digital drawings you see in my blog.

You see I used this app FOR FREE, but it had little things to use and for more options you had to pay for the Pro version.

If you read the tittle, your right, I have now the Pro version, but I didn’t pay for it…No, NO! I didn’t do anything illegal, relax! In the last App Store’s update of SketchBook it was Pro FOR FREE! Yeyyy!!!

So I did this drawing. The difference it’s noticed because of the clear lineart I did, is more clear and clean than in my other drawings. Here you have the art process:

Lineart Part 1 (Forgot to take a picture to the sketch, sorry ;-;)

Lineart Part 2

Basic colors code

Aaaand, FINISHED! The result is…

Liked it? Hope so! Tell me what you think in the comments, and, like always have a meowderful day/night!


Tumblr girl [+Old art/Speedsketch]

Heyaaa~!! How are u guys? I’m cool!

A time ago I decided to try sketching simething in PicsArt, wich is an app I used to paint (later I’ll put some of my old PicArt drawings) and so, I did it. But there was a problem with doing anatomy cause PicsArt is DA WORST when it comes to brushes and tools (at least for me), so I had to use a picture of the body of girl and DO the anatomy with that pic.

Here you have my painful sketching process:

And this is how the sketch turned out:

And because I couldn’t finish the drawing in PicsArt (I liked the sketch too much to let it get coloured with such tools that I wasn’t used to use anymore) and I finished it in SketchBook (ejem, like ALWAYS) here you have!!

Did you like the result? I like it pretty much (OMG I LIKED ONE OF MY DRAWINGS! Okno hehhe~)

Well, but this post isn’t over here! I said before I was gonna put some of my old drawings made in PicsArt so…(PROTECT YOUR EYES!) Here you have!

And this was only at the middle/begining of 2017!!! Ugh so bad. Also, I didn’t have good tools to do lights and shadows. But well I guess I improved in a little, and I still can’t believe it.

Yeah, so have a meowderful day!! And if you like drawing or creating, keep doing what makes you happy! (But hey don’t KILL people even if that makes you happy eh?) Hahaha!


Glowing Mask [Digital Art]

Heyaaa!! How are you guys today?? Today I bring something I don’t post since January…a post dedicated to a drawing!

No Q&A (wich was pretty awesome) or insecurities (I feel much better now thanks >3<). I was going through a PicsArt account and I found inspiration. There was this cool drawing of a girl with a green mask covering her face and I just wanted to do something similar but with diferent face and with a only middle covering mask.

Well less chatting, here you have it!

Hope I didn’t dissapoint anybody~ Have a meowderful day/night!