LULUTUNES [Listen please♡]

Heyaaaaa!! I bring you a new Lulutune post! Well, for those who don’t know what the hell I’m talking about let me explain.

It’s a post I did aome time ago in my blog (here, duh) where I recomend songs, or just show the song I’m obssesed with at the moment. Last time I posted “Want you to say” by PLAYBACK a K-Pop girlband. But nonononoNOPE, this time I bring you a ENGLISH song (not that I live K-Pop less, of course) but this song is just…ahhhh~♡

It’s called “Sad Song” by We The Kings and it’s a collaboration with Elena Coats. It’s the first time a here something of We The Kings but I already like how they sing and there music. Please, LISTEN TO IT, and to make it easy for you guys I will put the song here, ENJOY!

Did you actually hear the song? I hope so. I also hope you liked the song, I just feel so much emotions with this song… thanks for listening (if you actually did it, but hey you are free to not hear it) and have a meowderful day!