Request for loslunesdeperros

Heyaaaaa! Lovely people on WordPress I here declare that…(trrrrrrrr…chim PUSH! Hehhhe♡) I finished LOS LUNES DE PERROS ‘s request! Yeyyyyy!!! Ok, so she asked me for a unicorn, but NOOOOOO I have to be so friking dumb and draw her a unicorn GIRL! Seriously, why do I even do that! Well, I hope she doesn’t mind and likes the drawing, here it goess!

Did you like it? Hope so, have a meowderful day as always, byeeee!



Request for Chizurue

Heyaaaa!! I’m here showing you the request Chizurue asked me for! And I know I KNOW I still have to do a HOLE request to finish and stuff but I SWEAR I’m working on them so please forgive me, I’m not using a determinated order to finish requests, but here you have Chizurue!! Hope you like it cause I putted so much love in it! She asked for a girl in clouds and thinking or reflexionating and this is how I drew my own interpretation:

Liked it? Have a meowderful day and see ya soon (or in the coments hehe…)!